Canton is a small town a couple of hours east of Dallas that has a massive, amazing flea market 4 days a month (scheduled around the first Monday of the month). Jon and I went a few weeks ago and came home with a car full of treasures.

I also came home with some hardcore bruises and pulled muscles, because I fell out of an old caravan (it was completely renovated and turned into a little shop–so cute). Like, really fell. The stool I stepped down onto flipped over, and I went flying through the air and landed on my back.

The vintage coffee thingy I got inside made it totally worth it, though.

Canton junk (1 of 1)

Canton table (1 of 1)

Canton trunk (1 of 1)

Canton tins (1 of 1)

Canton type writer (1 of 1)

Canton silverware (1 of 1)

Canton sweet potatoes (1 of 1)

Canton suitcases (1 of 1)

Canton phones (1 of 1)

Canton radios (1 of 1)

Canton beaters (1 of 1)

Canton newspaper (1 of 1)

Canton letters (1 of 1)

Canton mirror (1 of 1)

Canton jars (1 of 1)

Canton manequins (1 of 1)

Canton corndogs (1 of 1)

Canton fort worth boxes (1 of 1)

Canton fence (1 of 1)

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  • Leslie Lee

    Oh, Canton. Haven’t been there in a while, but I remember the craziness! :) In a couple weeks we’ll be heading to (one day of) Antiques Week nearby here in Round Top, and I CANNOT WAIT!!

    • Caroline Grace

      I’ve never heard of the one near Round Top; I may need to take a road trip!

  • Courtney Bell

    LOOK at all those treasures! Especially love those old phones.

    • Caroline Grace

      I wanted to buy EVERYTHING.

  • Jeri@got2havefaith

    $3 for a bucket of sweet potatoes? You are so lucky! I want to go to Canton just for those letters…and potatoes.

    • Caroline Grace

      I know, right?! Canton is the best.