A couple of weeks ago Jon and I took a 4 day cruise to Cozumel. We got a great deal, so we splurged a little on a balcony room, which was so worth it.

cruiseboarding (1 of 1)

waiting to leave the port in Galveston

Balcony reading (1 of 1)

coffee & reading on the balcony erryday

DiveInMovie (1 of 1)

dive in movie nights–the best.

pool reading (1 of 1)

pineapple drinks by the pool for daysss

Cruise Ship (1 of 1)


Cozumel Stairs (1 of 1)

Cozumel Excursion (1 of 1)

Cozumel Plant (1 of 1)

Cozumel from behind (1 of 1)

Pardon the low-quality iPhone photos; I was scared to take my fancy camera to the land of sunscreen and sand.

Also, we might be cruise people (the horror).