I have a thing with my legs.

Since I was about 15, shorts and short skirts and dresses have been a no go (unless I can wear thick, cute tights–fall and winter are my jam).  A couple of months ago my mom proudly presented me with a very pretty, short dress she’d bought for me.  I stared at her. “You know I don’t show my legs.”

In high school, I went to a prep school that required uniforms. Girls had a choice between wearing pants or a knee-length skirt; I wore pants  EXCEPT–Wednesdays. On Wednesdays we had a formal hour-long Eucharist service, and all girls had to wear the uniform skirt.  I dreaded Wednesdays.  I can still remember the sick feeling in my stomach, walking around campus with my legs on display. Cold sweats, pounding heart.  I hated Wednesdays.

Like I said, I have a thing with my legs.

Last month, I went to New Orleans with my college BFF, Cara Maggie.  It was super hot and muggy, and we were kinda miserable walking around the French Quarter.

In our search for an air-conditioned place to spend some time in, we stumbled upon the BEST store–Trashy Diva.  Most of their clothes are short skirts and dresses, so I ended up just sitting on a comfy chair and giving Cara feedback on the things she was trying on.

Then, she walked out of the fitting room in a green and blue floral dress.  It was beautiful.  And knee length.

I tried it on, and I loved it.  But my legs… I had a little chat with the salesgirl/stylist about it (most honest body issue talk with a stranger EVER), glanced down at my new freedom tattoo (more on that later!), and bought the dress.

2014: my year of freedom.


(Also, how amazing is this Jo Totes camera bag?! I absolutely adore it–especially for travel. Totally worth the investment.)

 What body image issues and fears do you need to get free from?

  • Andrea Corbin

    You look lovely, darling! Very pretty

  • Rachel Denison

    You’re so adorable in that dress! Love you!

    • Caroline Grace

      Thanks, Rachel!! We miss y’all!

  • Cynthia Stuckey

    Hi Caroline! I hopped over from the Declare conf. Page– so glad to meet you! The dress is cute– I’m thinking it might just be perfect for that crazy Texas heat– ;) Hope to meet you at Declare!!

    • Caroline Grace

      Thanks, Cynthia–i’m glad you stopped by! Hope to meet you next week!!