Studying the Bible can be difficult, amen?  It’s such a massive, rich book, and it’s hard to know where to start and, once you’ve started, where to go next and how to get the most out of it.

Bible (1 of 1)

Over the past year, I’ve discovered three tools that have made studying the Bible much, much easier:

1. Podcasts.  If you’re not familiar with Joyce Meyers, you should be. She’s an amazing teacher and, bonus: She has a dry, sometimes twisted sense of humor. She’s hilarious. She talks a lot about fear, anxiety, the power of our thoughts and words and–my jam–freedom.  I also listen to our church’s podcast whenever we’ve missed a Sunday. And sometimes I will just listen to a really great sermon a second time and dig deeper into the scriptures referenced.

2. app. Beyond a basic Bible app, has an audio feature, as well.  Yes. Actors will read the Bible to you, with different people doing different characters, in addition to a main narrator. I love this feature; sometimes I’ll choose a book of the Bible in the morning and listen to several chapters on my way to work.

3. #SheReadsTruth has been mentioned in this space several times before, and that’s because it’s one of the best devotional/Bible study tools I’ve ever discovered.  You can read the daily scriptures and devotional post on their website, or you can receive their daily e-mails (which is what I’ve always done). But wait–there’s more!! Now they have a beautiful, user-friendly app (currently only for iPhones, but an Android version is in the works). As a fun bonus, the app also has background photos for your phone. Love. Also, I’ve chatted with the #SheReadsTruth girls in real life, and they are legit. Sweet and humble and truly women after God’s heart.


What are your favorite ways to study the Bible? Do you have any tips and tricks to share with the rest of us?