Last weekend I sneaked away from The Declare Conference for several hours to attend the first night of The Hundred Event, an intimate–limited to 100 attendees–blogging conference.


The Hundred was hosted by LaurenMegan Graham, Bridget Hunt, and Grace Patton.

When Bridget announced The Hundred on her blog in June, I was super excited and wanted to go, but I’d already committed to Declare. Because God is good and wants us to be happy, Bridget and her girls offered a Friday night only option, and I immediately purchased a ticket.

I’m so glad I did.


(In every photo I’m holding a different drink. In my defense, only 2 of them were alcoholic.)


Caroline Garza

Sweet Julia is originally from Argentina and now lives in San Francisco. Her blog is funny and has lots of good mommy info.

Caroline Garza

In the few hours I was there, I met so many talented, kind girls, including a fellow Dallas blogger, Kendi Skeen. Kendi and I chatted for a bit during the happy hour–turns out our husbands went to high school together, and my mother-in-law works for the company Kendi used to work for.

Caroline Garza(1 of 1)


Kendi was the keynote speaker that night; it’s so encouraging and helpful to hear wisdom and advice from more experienced bloggers.


The dinner was sponsored by British clothing brand Joulesswoon. They provided us with super generous swag bags, which was a fun surprise.



I was lucky enough to be seated at the same table as the owners of Lily Jade; their bags are beautiful and extremely practical. I have my eye on a few.

Caroline Garza

chatting with my table mates. Not sure what’s going on with my hands.

So, it was a fun night with lovely people, delicious food, good information, and a plethora of drinks. I’m definitely sad that I missed out on the rest of the weekend with The Hundred girls. Next year, it’s a date–yes? Yes.



***all images (except the black & white one) by Paige Budde for The Hundred.

  • Julia

    It was so great meeting you, Caroline! I hope you enjoyed the rest of your busy weekend :)

  • kiki mac

    I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to chat! Next year for sure! LOVED your outfit.


    • Caroline Grace

      Me too, Christie! I’m super excited about next year already… and thank you for the sweet compliment. :)

  • Jenn

    It was so nice chatting with you before dinner, Caroline! So glad you were able to attend :)