Hi, girls–I’m Caroline, and I’m sooo excited to meet you at Influence Conference this week! I live in Dallas with my husband Jon and our pups, the bitties, and we’re in the seemingly never-ending process of adopting from Ethiopia. The Influence Network has been truly life changing for me–the girls I’ve met, the things I’ve learned and the experiences I’ve had–and I can’t wait to attend the conference again!!


I know it can be intimidating and overwhelming to walk into a hotel ballroom full of hundreds of women you don’t know; if you see me, and you’re feeling scared and lonely, please come talk to me!! If you need a place to sit at lunch, or dinner plans, or if you’re hurting and just need a soft place to land, I’m your girl.

The thing I’m most looking forward to about this year’s conference is the relationships. I met some wonderful girls last year, and I can’t wait to reconnect with them and to meet new friends.  Cocktail/frozen yogurt outings after the evening sessions, honest talks, and free-flowing tears and laughter–bring it on. All of it.

The one thing I wouldn’t leave home without… hmm. I’m not a very good rule follower, so there are lots of things. There are the obvious–iPhone, notebook and the good pens, blog cards–and then there are other, less obvious things: power strip, comfy shoes and clothes for late night hangouts, extra room in my suitcase for swag.

Ok, maybe here’s my one thing: bravery.

As I mentioned above, settings like this can be intimidating at first. I promise you, putting yourself out there (asking if you can join a group of girls for dinner, hearing about a late-night get together and tagging along, etc.) is so, so worth it.  Being brave usually = being/feeling a little awkward, but swallow your fear and just smile, say hi, and go.

And, if all else fails, come find me. :)

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(this post is part of the Influence Network meet & greet linkup)

  • http://everleephoto.com/ Leslie Lee

    Hooray! Hope you have a wonderful & encouraging time at influence! Bummed to be missing it, would have loved to catch up with you!

  • Molly Wantland

    I’m so glad to have read this post – a little nervous about attending for the first time! Thank you for the encouraging post, Caroline! Hope to meet you in a few days!

  • Ally


    I sat at your table at The Hundred Event, and I’m just getting caught up on everyone’s blogs. I love your site, and I loved reading more about you. Best wishes on all of your new adventures! I can’t wait to read follow-up! I love that you put yourself out there, heading to conferences (alone!). I know at The Hundred, I was scared to go alone, but left so inspired. Have fun at your conference!

    xo, Ally