As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been feeling worn out, drained, and exhausted the past couple of months, with absolutely zero desire or ability to do anything creative or productive. Every time I would sit down with my laptop to write, or venture out with my big girl camera, I ended up giving up very quickly.

Watching Parenthood–again–on Netflix was just so much easier.

A few weeks ago, I was complaining to a friend at work about how drained and worn out I felt. She told me that she’d been learning a lot about the importance of self care, and pouring into yourself so you can pour out to others. Super basic and obvious, right?

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The thing is, it’s impossible to create–to flourish–from a place of emptiness. An empty cup has nothing to pour out. Beyond that, when we try to create or serve from a place of exhaustion, to pour out of an empty cup, we are working from our own strength and striving, rather than from a place of blessing and rest in the Lord.

I realized I need to take time out to rest and take care of myself and fill my cup back up.

If you’re feeling stuck, with nothing to give, maybe your cup needs to be filled, too. Maybe, like me, you need to take a step back and have a little rest and get filled back up again.

La Jolla cup scripture (1 of 1)

Some ways I’ve been refilling and recharging:

-listening to life-giving sermons (I love Joyce Meyer’s podcast) on my way to and from work

-taking a break from blogging and basically anything productive

-forcing myself to go to bed earlier and get more sleep

-spending time outside (usually just sitting and reading with a glass of wine)

-working out–sucks in the moment, but it’s so, so worth it

-reading novels for the first time in ages

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