I’ve been a member of The Influence Network for over a year now, and it–specifically the women it’s brought into my life–has changed me enormously. Changed everything.

I met Jacey on the flight home from The Influence Conference last year–somehow we’d managed to miss each other during our time in Indianapolis.  We formed a writing group with another Influence girl, Liz, and it’s wonderful knowing that I have these two girls ready and willing to give me their honest feedback and cheer me on.

JaceyandCaroline (1 of 1)

on the flight home with Jacey

InfluenceMeetup (1 of 1)

In February, I attended a gathering of local Influence members, and it was a sweet morning of solidarity, of “me too!” and “I’m SO glad we’ve met.”

Brittany and I met that day, and we’ve collaborated and supported each other numerous times since then.  I’m so grateful for her friendship–and her graphic design expertise.

BrittanyandCaroline (1 of 1)

after a fun photo shoot with Brittany

LillieandCaroline (1 of 1)

sweet Lillie, one of my Influence Conference roommates, hosted our local meet up

InfluenceRoommates (1 of 1)

Erica & Annetta, my other lovely Influence roomies

I joined the network for mainly practical reasons; I was starting a new blog and I needed help. But the tagline on the site, “find the women who will stand behind you,” proved to be true, and I have met some life-long friends through the network and the conference.  From sending me cards and e-mails when my grandma died, to teaching me how to create a signature in gmail and editing my writing, these girls have my back, and the blessing of their friendship is tremendous.

Pursuing our dreams, our creative pursuits, putting our hearts out there on our blogs and in our businesses and in our lives, requires bravery. But even more than that, it requires community.

We need your talents, your unique insights, your quirky sense of humor and your kind heart.  We need you.  Join us?

(Also, check out this post from just after The Influence Conference last year, where I go deep into the healing the Lord did in my heart through Influence with regard to community and friendships with women.)

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  • Andrea Corbin

    Loved all the photos and the sharing :)

  • Cat @

    That’s awesome that you’ve been able to meet locally with some other Influence women. I can’t make the conference this year, but after reading all the positive experiences about it I hope to go next year.

    • Caroline Grace

      I know, Cat–it’s a huge blessing! I hope you can go next year, too. :) Instagram and Twitter area great ways to keep up with the conference when you can’t be there in person. #influenceconf

  • Sybil Brun

    Ahhh I met you briefly at the conference and it was a pleasure! Hope to see you there this year! Great post, glad I stumbled on it in the linkup!

    • Caroline Grace

      Ahhh I hope to chat with you again this year, Sybil!!